Piyakaru Nature Resort Beliatta | Banquet Hall in Beliatta
Welcome to Piyakaru Nature Resort.

Our supremely stylish banquet hall is ideally appointed to host a grand ceremony and to accommodate all your guests in lavish comfort – but if you wish for a simple affair or a more intimate ambience, that can be arranged too. Fine cuisine is also yours to select from a choice of Menus or you can discuss your preferences and create your own as well. If you have special plans or ideas to make your day even more unique, just talk to us. At Piyakaru Nature Resort we believe in doing our very best and more to make your dream wedding a reality.A highly qualified staff is available at any given point to assist our guests and ensure that your event meets the expected standards. As we take great pride in quality, we ensure that we deliver to your expectations in all aspects, especially in terms of food and service. Complete with all the requirements and benefits of any banquet hall, Piyakaru Nature Resort has reached higher to ensure that our banquet halls are at the height of grandeur.

Piyakaru Nature Resort is an iconic place located at Beliatta, where you could have royal hospitality services and wedding planning to appreciate from the moment you handover the responsibility to Piyakaru Nature Resort. We offer professional advice in organizing Wedding and other official functions against a stunning and ancient backdrop. Designer decors and elegantly appointed furnishings are common features in Piyakaru Nature Resort.

Piyakaru Nature Resort offers all-inclusive packages as well as the services of an event coordinator to ensure the planning of your event as effortless and enjoyable as the event day itself.