Piyakaru Nature Resort Beliatta | Banquet Hall in Beliatta
Welcome to Piyakaru Nature Resort.

Welcome to Piyakaru Nature Resort, Beliatta, Our menu brings together Sri lankan , Thai & Chinese influences with the best produce. Inspired by the communal eating philosophy of the Sri lankan table, our menu is made up of dishes created for sharing. Large servings and communal tables encourage the spirit of eating together, so you can try each dish as part of a full tasting experience, just as it was intended. Sri Lankan meals, drawn from the soil & oceans of this tropical island are always well-balanced & healthy. At Piyakaru Nature Resort, we strive to maintain this healthy tradition, by making sure we put no synthetic flavouring or additives, no trans-fats & that our ingredients are always home-grown & authentic. A truly Sri Lankan food experience.


Sri Lankan Rice & Curry

Sri Lankan cooking has evolved around rice. The national meal is not referred to as “curry” but as “rice and curry”: a mountainous plate of rice generally accompanied by assorted meat and/or vegetable curries, various pickles, sambols, and a handful of tiny poppadums.

Fried Rice

Chinese fried rice is a family of fried rice dishes popular in Sri Lanka. It is sometimes served as the penultimate dish in Chinese banquets, just before dessert.


Kottu, also known as koththu rotti or kothu roti, is a Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti and vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices.

Chicken Devil

Sweet, sour, devilishly hot but full of complex flavours. I ate quite a few of these in Sri Lanka and this one just about measures up. It took me quite a few goes to get it right because it’s all about the balance.

String Hoppers

String hoppers are an essential part of a Sri Lankan breakfast. They are very good for smooshing into the curries and sambols.

Pork Curry

This delicious pork curry recipe is a family favourite, thanks to it’s great taste and affordable ingredients. Made with lean and quick-to-cook pork fillet (tenderloin), this curry can be on the table in less than an hour – perfect for a mid-week family meal.

Meat curries & rice dishes make up the main course, while vegetables find their way to the buffet wagon as curries & salads. The indispensable "mallum" a Sri Lankan preparation of various herbs shredded & seasoned with saffron, salt, lime & coconut is a must-try in our spread.And to top it all off, satisfy your sweet tooth with uniquely Sri Lankan desserts. Fresh tropical fruits add colour to the spread, while curd & treacle add a healthy touch. The jaggery-sweetened Watalappam is an all-time favourite.The bar adds a completely different dimension to Sri Lankan meals with tropical fruits being transformed into fresh juices and the locally made alcoholic spirit, arrack also available. Our bar serves up cocktails & mock tails of your choice, & is open for bookings for cocktail parties with a difference.